Whilst TMC JLT offer a range of services across the IT spectrum, our starting point is our ability to review current client operations in order to assess whether they are making best use of their investment in IT facilities. Our consultancy services themselves cover a wide range of issues affecting IT, and as with any effective consulting process we define the scope of our consulting in advance with clients to ensure they understand what areas we intend to address and in principle what outcome they can expect. Inevitably when digging into corporate process issues can be discovered that cause fundamental change to the intended scope of works, but we ensure our clients are informed and involved throughout the process so that changes can be made during the exercise without becoming dogmatic about the initial brief. Whilst not intending to offer a full management consultancy service, the results of our studies can often present changes in management approach to get the best from current IT investment, just as much as identifying areas where further directed investment might be made. Our consultancy service is therefore directed by your needs – we can review your business as a going concern and advise on how you can best leverage the systems that you have, or act to review your business requirements as a start up and advise on the approach you might best take to achieve your aims.  

Consultancy issues

A key benefit of our consultancy service is our ability to combine our understanding of technology with our understanding of business process - a mix often missing from other providers - in order to ensure that our expertise in technology does not obscure the main effort of making your business more efficient at all levels.

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