Key Technologies

Given they speed with which technology changes, it is obviously difficult to identify any specific technology that will be key for a substantial period of time – the nature of the beast is that as soon as one approach is properly bedded in, half a dozen others are biting at its heels and proposing themselves as more efficient or effective for a host of business processes. Weeding through the welter of possible approaches can cost a company a great deal of time, and if the wrong decision is made, a great deal of money and opportunity cost.

That said, there are obviously a number of key players in the market, and so some direction can be taken. For example, Microsoft is likely to figure in any discussion in respect of some part of any system. In any case, TMC JLT helps you by keeping abreast of changes on your behalf, and so is able to advise you without the need for you to assign resources to identify were the market has moved and what your next action might have to be. For clients that retain our services, we are able to act in a proactive manner, letting you know when a technology is maturing to the point it is safe for you to use in a business context. This process can enable you either to avoid pitfalls of early adoption of solutions only to discover they were not the right solution for you, and equally point out to you possible approaches that you might adopt early in order to leverage your IT investment and gain a jump on the market.