RWS software has many layers of functionality – it can be used at a very simple level, or at a much more complex level, depending on your needs and situation. At any level, there are often common questions that are regularly asked – we list some of them here:

A RWS Trados Studio comprises of two main applications, RWS Trados Studio itself and RWS MultiTerm Desktop and these are the two applications you need to download from the Downloads area of your RWS Account and install. There is also a 3rd application called RWS MultiTerm Widget that you will see in the Downloads area of your RWS Account, but you do not need to install this as it is for use in an Enterprise environment where you want to allow other people in the organisation to access translations or terms relating to a document they are working on. If this is of potential interest you can find out more about this application here.

No, you only need to activate the license within RWS Trados Studio and this then also covers the RWS MultiTerm Desktop application. If you are unsure of how to activate your license click here.

If we have supplied you with your RWS Trados software and license(s) then you can always email us first and we will do our best to help you with any problem you may be facing. In addition, you can also join the RWS Community. This is a complimentary service to help you get started with your SDL Trados Studio products and to offer you continued support as you learn to use more of the SDL translation productivity product set. There are just three steps to access the RWS Community:  

  1.  Use this link to sign in using your ‘RWS Account’ account log-in
  2. Click on the ‘My Sites’ tab and then on the RWS Community icon – you can choose from a number of options to read the latest hints and tips
  3. If you want to log a query – click on ‘New Post’ and post your query to the community
The RWS User Support Community is staffed by both internal and external RWS experts who are there to help you with your query. These experts are constantly monitoring the forum, your query will be displayed and addressed as soon as possible, please be aware that response times are dependent on the current volume of queries.

Anyone can get support if they are having an installation or licensing problem, even if they do not have a RWS Support & Maintenance Agreement, via the RWS Customer Gateway. This provides links to a range of step-by-step articles on solving common installation or licensing issues to help get you up and running, but if this does not help there is also a link to submit a RWS Support Case. To go to the Installation & Licensing Support page click here.