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RWS – who took over SDL in November 2020 – are the leading developers of a range of translation applications and solutions designed to aid and assist
Freelancers, Language Service Providers (LSPs) and Translation Teams within Corporate or Government organisations
manage the translation process in a more effective and productive way in order to deliver high quality translations to
their customers, be they internal or external.

RWS’s translation products and solutions start with their market leading Translation Productivity (TP) suite of
applications and solutions which include Trados Studio, MultiTerm, Trados GroupShare, Trados Live Team and Trados Business Manager. These applications and solutions provide support for individual translators through to large
centralised, or distributed, translation teams and are the solutions most used by RWS’s translation clients.

In addition to these “hands-on” translation applications and solutions, RWS also support cloud-based and on-premise
machine translation (RWS MT) applications, which can be used as a complete, standalone, solution in their own right,
or as an integral part of an RWS TP or TMS environment.

TMC are the Approved RWS Reseller for their Translation Productivity range of applications and solutions throughout
the GCC and Levant Regions of the Middle East and the Malaysian peninsular and have over 10 years’ experience of
working with clients to implement the best solution for their translation needs. We are also able to advise and assist
Clients with the evaluation and implementation of RWS’s Enterprise based solutions and Machine Translation solutions.