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The RWS Trados range of Translation Productivity products and solutions include the RWS Trados Studio and
MultiTerm desktop applications, the client-server-based RWS Trados GroupShare solution and the RWS Trados
Business Manager applications. This range of products and solutions provide individual users and translation teams
access to a range of tools that will aid and enhance the way they are able to work in managing and delivering high quality

RWS Trados Studio is the complete desktop Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) environment for language
professionals who want to edit, review and manage translation projects. It can be used as a standalone tool for
individual translators, as a small Team based solution typically for 2-4 users, or as the desktop client application
within an RWS Trados GroupShare solution.

The application enables the creation, management and use of both Translation memories (TMs) and Termbases (TBs)
during the translation process.

RWS Trados Studio provides class leading functions and features to support project managers, translators and
reviewers and is offered in Freelance and Professional versions.

Click on the following link to find out more about RWS Trados Studio.

RWS MultiTerm Desktop is the terminology application that allows you to create, manage and search a glossary of
terms and phrases. It provides a powerful and flexible solution which supports mono-lingual, bi-lingual and multilingual

RWS MultiTerm also provides you with the capability to manage synonyms within a term entry and also to add
optional, user defined, information fields to an entry such as a free-text “Note” field, a “Rules” field stipulating whether
a term is “allowed” or “not allowed” or a “drop-down” list of topic headings for example.
Click on the following link to find out more about RWS MultiTerm.


RWS Trados GroupShare provides a highly secure and flexible client-server translation environment which allows you
to support and manage small to large Translation Teams (typically supporting 5 to 100s of Users) in an efficient and
productive way, whether they are working locally or remotely.

The GroupShare server applications support and manage centralised and shared Translation Memories, Termbases
and Project Management functions and support Team members either working locally or remotely. This allows Project
Managers, Translators and Reviewers to work together in a controlled and you to work on translation projects either
from the RWS Trados Studio Desktop application or via the on-line Editor.

Project Managers can set-up and manage translation projects through the browser based GroupShare interface,
including allocating personnel resources to the various tasks (translate. Review, sign-off etc.) and monitoring its
progress through the stages to completion

Click on the following link to find out more about RWS Trados GroupShare.


RWS Trados Business Manager is an application which is available as a standalone app or as a team-based solution.
It provides tools and function to manage and control the commercial side of Translation Projects such as preparing
quotes and invoices, managing Clients and Vendors and allocating translation tasks to specific Team members. In
addition, it allows you to produce a variety of management reports relating to the projects being worked on so that

Click on the following link to find out more about RWS Trados Business Manager.